Loop Knot and Rig

Loop Knot and Rig

Postby bobfly on Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:12 pm

Here is a link to the loop knot that was discussed at the fly tying night of Jan 20 yesterday. It is called the Non Slip Mono Loop Knot or the Lefty Kreh Loop Knot.


I tie all my flies with this knot and it has not failed me. The following is the rig that I use for wet flies:

1. 3 ft of 0X (12#) fluoro attached to fly line using the loop knot above.
2. Attach dropper fly (must be weighted, beaded or floating....to keep away from tippet) using loop knot
3. 6-8 ft of 3X or 4X tippet for point fly, also attached with loop knot. This can be tied with a Perfection Loop Knot or a standard Clinch Knot. A loop knot is somewhat better as it is less likely to damage the leader, especially if you use a lighter leader when you slide it up and down.

When you change your dropper fly or when you are dismantling just snip the loop, not the whole knot off. That way you don't lose your tippet.

This rig casts much better than the traditional multi-fly rig and the flies don't get tangled up in the tippet and leader.

As a general rule the dropper fly is the heavier fly. It should hit the water first with the point fly flipping over and landing second.

Fishing two flies allows you to test different flies, even the same flies but different colours or sizes.

Happy Casting!
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