About Us

The Ottawa Flyfishers Society was formed in 1983 to unite local area fly fishers. Its diverse fellowship of neophyte and experienced fishers includes beginners as well as flyfishing writers, instructors and past members of the Canadian Flyfishing Team who meet to share and explore the art and sport of flyfishing. The Society is dedicated to fostering and furthering the practice of activities associated with the art of flyfishing, conservation and resource renewal, and recreational activities.

The Society provides monthly presentations and fly tying classes. Guest speakers lecture on a variety of topics including entomology, aquatic ecosystems, stream rehabilitation, warm water fishing, trout fishing and Atlantic Salmon fishing.

Fly fishing presentations are offered the 1st Tuesday of each month from September through May at the Champlain Fieldhouse.

Fly tying classes are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the same location. The Society maintains an extensive video and magazine library which is available to the membership. Local and out of town flyfishing excursions, and fly fishing clinics are also organized. An informal fly fishing program continues throughout the summer months from June through August.