IF4 Film Festival and George Daniel Seminar

The Ottawa Flyfishers Society Presents: A Seminar with George Daniel in addition to a showing of the IF4 Film Festival. Teasers for this year's shows can be found on the Festival's website.

George Daniel

George Daniel began fly fishing at the age of 6 in Potter County, PA, a remote region filled with wilderness and beautiful brook trout. By age 14, George’s family relocated to PA’s limestone region, which contained the state’s best trout fisheries. By the age of 17, George was travelling throughout the state, seeking lessons from expert anglers. By age 21, George had learned from the best anglers in the NE, including his mentor Joe Humphreys. Out of curiosity and with the support of his wife, George began entering local and national fly-fishing competitions.

He earned a spot on Fly Fishing Team USA and remained on the team for 7 seasons. Also during that time, George was on the US Youth Fly Fishing Team’s coaching staff, including two years as head coach. George’s real motivation to compete was to travel the world and learn from world-renowned anglers to develop a global approach.

In that brief period, George had success by winning back-to-back US National Championships and placing in the top 5 in the 2006 World Fly Fishing Championships. Eventually, competitive fly-fishing took its toll, so George retired at age 32 to spend more time travelling with his family and to focus on fly fishing education.

George is a former manager of the TCO Fly Shop in State College and now works exclusively for TCO Fly Shop with Livin On The Fly LLC. George currently assists with the US Youth Fly Fishing Team as well as writing and conducting fly fishing clinics/presentations across the country. His first book, “Dynamic Nymphing” (will be on sale at the event) has become a best seller. Currently, George is working on a second book project, which will be released September, 2015. George lives along the banks of his favorite trout stream with his wife, Amidea and their two children.

George's book: Dynamic Nymphing will be for sale at the event.


Centrepointe Theatre (101 Centrepointe Drive, Nepean, ON K2G 5K7 (613) 580-2700)

Cost: (Seminar price includes lunch and coffee)

Seminar & IF4 $45.00
Seminar $35.00
IF4 at Door $18.00
IF4 Advance $15.00

Tickets Purchase:

Seminar and/or IF4 Film Festival Tickets Available at:

  • Green Drake Outfitters (89 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1, 613-828-1915)
  • ONLINE: http://www.showclix.com/event/IF4OttawaON
  • INTERAC payment; Lunch Reservation: Contact Bob Jurmain at bjurmain@magma.ca or 613-256-0160
  • Both George Daniel Seminar and IF4 Film Festival tickets will ALSO be available at the door


Author, teacher, and accomplished competition fly angler, George Daniel, will give a seminar entitled "Nymphing 2.0". The seminar will provide an in-depth look at Daniel's incredibly effective nymphing technique, developed over years of study and successful competition angling. The core of George Daniel's technique is his insightful approach to nymphing WITHOUT AN INDICATOR. Once you've learned how and when to make a precise nymph presentation WITHOUT AN INDICATOR, you'll wonder how you ever nymphed. before! You don't want to miss this. (Topics covered: reading water; where and when to fish WITHOUT AN INDICATOR; rigs and patterns; casting, presentation, and line control.)

9:00 AM Doors Open / Morning Coffee
Session 1: Powerpoint Presentation
Session 2: Rigging
Lunch Break
After Lunch Session 3: Tying
Session 4: Casting/line control
Seminar Completed
Afternoon Break
2:00 PM IF4 Film Festival Doors Open
3:00 PM Films Begins
Event Date: 
Sunday, March 22, 2015 - 09:00 to 17:00