Rideau River Conditions @ Hogs Back

Water levels are exceptional for this time of year. Catches counts are down most likely due to the now resident cormorants. That being said, the the ones caught tend to be in the 13"+ range. A 5wt is recommended, as the larger fish will quickly take you into the rocks and cut your leader unless you have the backbone to horse them around. If you really feel ambitious, you can try for the muskie that like to sun in the shallows along the edges of the river. On the most recent outing, the right bank water offered the best holding water for SM, especially below the Heron Rd. bridge.

Ottawa River @ Britannia Filtration Plant

The gang that showed up for this week's Evening Fishing on the Ottawa River (Britannia Filtration Plant), enjoyed a great evening on the water. Water levels on the inside channel are close to ideal, with only a couple sections requiring additional care while wading. SM in the 8-12" range were plentiful amongst all of the anglers. Swinging weighted buggers/streamers in 2.5-3' of water proved most effective, with many fish taken on the dangle. Water levels on the main channel are still too high safely wade.

Evening Fishing on the Ottawa

For those that didn't make it out to Thursday's Evening Fishing you missed a great evening on the water. Current water conditions are near perfect for the Bate Island area, with the south channel flats being productive as usual. Around 7pm the daily emergence of large spotted sedges (caddis flies) made for some enjoyable topwater action, with bass rising everywhere to take in the feast. While the sizes were relatively modest, the constant action more than makes up for it.

Evening Fishing is Back!

For those that have been waiting the 2015 edition of the popular Evening Fishing Outings kicks off this week. For those that are new to fly fishing or the NCR, the outings provide a great way to discover angling opportunities within the city, meet other anglers, pick up advice, tips, etc.

For full details check out the Evening Fishing section of the OFS Forum.

Let the Urban Fishing Begin

Well the annual raising of the water in the Rideau Canal got under way over the weekend. Dow's Lake should be full by now, though past experience suggests it's best to give it about two weeks for all of the dead plant material (leave, etc.) to settle out and the bait fish and bugs to kick into gear. The Victoria Day weekend would probably be a good weekend to hit the backwater areas in the Arboretum for panfish and crappie.

Seminar: Nymphing 2.0

In conjunction with the IF4 showing, the OFS is pleased to announce that author, teacher, and accomplished competition fly angler, George Daniel, will give a seminar entitled "Nymphing 2.0". The seminar will provide an in-depth look at Daniel's incredibly effective nymphing technique, developed over years of study and successful competition angling.
For complete details please see the event entry in the calendar.

Website Maintenance

Over the Christmas holidays some software vulnerabilities with out website software required us to re-install the software that we are currently using. As such we are in the process of restoring all of the previous content as soon as possible. The Calendar will be online immediately and up to date for anyone looking for details on upcoming meetings, tying nights and winter casting.

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.